What is Regenerative Medicine?

steamcellRegenerative medicine refers to innovative medical technologies that enable the body to repair, replace, restore and regenerate damaged or diseased cells, tissues or organs.

Regenerative medicine works to extend healthy life spans and improve the quality of life by supporting and activating the body’s natural healing. It is one of the most important and promising new areas of the life sciences and has the potential to radically transform our understanding and treatment of disease.

We are constantly undergoing structural renewal by replacing molecular components of our tissues yet the human body loses effective regenerative capacities as we age.

Regenerative medicine involves bringing together stem cell physiology, knowledge of cell growth and death, stimulation of cell replacement and the factors that regulate these and the knowledge of the supporting structures between cells.

Famous People that have used stem cells

  • Peyton Manning NFL Quarterback
  • Kobe Bryant NBA Basketball Player
  • Tiger Woods PGA Golf player
  • Bob Lilly NFL Player Dallas Cowboys
  • Bart Starr NFL Player Green Bay Packers
  • And many more!