Contests and Prizes

There will be contest that will incentivize even more where you and your team can earn Vacation Trips, Cruises, and other fabulous prizes!

We pay for your own stem cell extraction and 1st year of storage (Transferrable)

We will offer an all expenses paid for two to Cancun, Mexico for 1 week (Transferable)

Note: Please see corporate website for details for all contests.

Earn More with 3 Business Centers vs 1 Business Center

In this example, you get paid double for the same amount of effort and volume flowing through your business. With 1 BC you make a nice weekly check of $400.00 for having 2000 PV on your left side and 2000 PV on your Right Side, however, if you had 3 BCs and divided the same volume of 4000 PV into 4 separate 1000 PV and placed them as shown in the picture above you would have made an $800.00 paycheck. So give yourself a raise when you first start out by purchasing 3 Business Centers.

Sponsor Bonuses

During any given weekly pay period all personally sponsor volume that you are directly responsible for that takes you above 5000 PV on any side of any of your business centers , The PV in excess of 5000 PV will be paid to you at 10% of this excess volume without having to balance on the other side. (Note: this only for PV that you personally sponsor during this same pay period that you exceed 5000 PV on any side of any of your business centers)


In this example, you have personally sponsored 9,000 PV on your left side and 8,000 PV on the right side of your business center. However, the maximum any business center can pay in a given week is a volume of 5000 PV left and 5000 PV right for a maximum pay check of $1000/week. This sponsor bonus is designed to continue to reward you financially after you have personally sponsored PV greater than 5000 PV on any side of any of your business centers. In this example, you have earned an additional 10% of 4000 PV paycheck on your left side which is $400 and 10% of 3000 PV paycheck on the right side which is $300. (Note: Sponsor bonus sides do not need to have balanced volume on the other side to qualify for a paycheck; just have personally sponsored volume above 5000 PV on a given side of a business center). The 5000 PV volume on any side of any of your business centers can be a combination of personally sponsored volume and downline team volume. When we add these two sponsor bonus checks to your Maxed out business center paycheck of $1000, your total paycheck for the week is
$1000.00 + $400.00 + $300.00 = $1700.00 for this week.